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Each month 7 unique news articles professionally pitched and permanently published with reputable New York-based national news outlets. A dedicated PR manager assigned to your account.


What’s included:


Each article receives editorial coverage by 5 national news outlets with 1 Google News feature. Multiple images and photographs. Supported embeds: YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, SoundCloud. DoFollow DA50+ links (1 every 100 words).

PR Manager
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After completing a payment, you must submit professionally written content between 250 and 2000 words. Our editorial team will review your submission before it is published to ensure that the content is newsworthy and accurate. The editors have the final word in determining whether the content is appropriate for publishing. If rejected, a full refund will be issued within 1-2 business days. We encourage our customers to discuss the content with us before ordering.

Always write in the third person – don’t put “WE” or “I” unless you are using a direct quote. Consider the perspective of the reader and write to the point while being engaging. Avoid adjectives and sales pitch language. Don’t put your own opinions while writing. Try to avoid jargon as not many understand it. Last but not least, always proofread to avoid expensive errors.

Spelling and Grammar:
The news stories should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. It should be written in proper American English. If you are using jargon, ensure to include definitions for industry jargon for the layperson to understand. A basic editorial check is included in the price and will only correct grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, sentence structure problems, misused words, and typos.

Tegan Watts Ltd demands a clear news source to be identified in the headline. The news source is the company or organization that is issuing the news. If your business, firm, or agency is distributing on behalf of a client, then the source would be the client’s organization or company’s name. It should be mentioned in what ways the organization or company related to the announcement.

Restricted Content:
Negative press. Op-ed. Political views. Reprints. Wrong intention. Explicit. Pharmaceuticals. Weight loss products. Health supplements. Sexual enhancement products. Money schemes. Gambling.

Tegan Watts Ltd only permits submissions from law firms in which the firm is representing one of the parties. We don’t accept content from third-party firms regarding legal cases.