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Editorial Guidelines

The news angles that have timely information about an organizational milestone like an award or anniversary, pro tip on a topic in the news, business expansion or recent event, new service, or products. The news announcement must be mentioned in the headline as not everything is newsworthy.
Always write in the third person – don’t put “WE” or “I” unless you are using a direct quote. Consider the perspective of the reader and write to the point while being engaging. Avoid adjectives and sales-pitch language. Don’t put your own opinions while writing. Try to avoid jargon as not many understand it. Last but not the least, always proofread to avoid expensive errors.
The minimum word count for an article submitted to us is 300 words. However, we have no upper word limit.
All network marketing companies with a major announcement or using a stock ticker symbol - Tegan Watts might require written authorization from an executive before an article is approved for distribution. Independent representatives of network marketing companies must have consent from the executive.
Tegan Watts demands a clear news source to be identified in the headline. The news source is the company or organization that is issuing an article. If your business, firm, or agency is distributing on behalf of a client then the source would be the client’s organization or company’s name. It should be mentioned in what ways the organization or company related to the announcement.
Restricted Content
Tegan Watts restricts content intended to harm or defame a person or group. Quotes should be appropriately attributed and articles should not contain excessive hyperbole or allegations.

RESTRICTED: Negative press. Op-ed. Political views. Reputation management. Reprints. Hatred. Wrong intention. Criminal matters. Anti-science. Conspiracy theories. Spiritual content. Religious content. Racism. Ageism. Sexism. Aphobia. Biphobia. Homophobia. Lesbophobia. Transphobia. Explicit. Pharmaceuticals. Weight loss products. Health supplements. Sexual enhancement products. Money schemes. Gambling. Non-newsworthy.

Content Checklist

These are the questions that will help you make sure you have written a professional article, one that will accomplish your goals.

  • Does your headline grab attention with a few words?
  • If you have a subhead, is it concise?
  • Does your first paragraph adequately summarize your main points?
  • Is the remaining text of your article informative and concise?
  • Have you provided accurate contact information?
  • Does your article spur your audience to action?
  • Have you written your article entirely in the third person?
  • Has the article been thoroughly proofread by several people for grammar, punctuation, and spelling?
  • Have you properly configured all URLs?
I Don't Have an Article
Contact us if you require writing services. Native American English writers professionally craft our articles. Pricing starts at $150.
Our plagiarism checker detects plagiarism in your text and checks against ProQuest databases and over 16 billion web pages.

At any pricing tier, a header image is required. Additionally, you may embed a YouTube video, Spotify, and SoundCloud inside an artcile.

For images:

  • High-resolution professional images.
  • Paid images are available on Shutterstock or Getty Images.
  • Free images can be downloaded from Unsplash or Pexels.
  • The shortest dimension is 1000 pixels. For horizontals – the shortest dimension will be the height; for verticals – it’s the width.

For videos:

  • YouTube video URL
  • Vimeo video URL
Paid Stock
Be sure your images have licenses for editorial use only — for printing in newspapers, magazines, etc. to illustrate an article, not to try to directly sell something.
Unless you personally styled and shot the photography, your media assets must credit those responsible for creating it by including an agency or a photographer's name.

Done properly, you can use an article to help build natural links to your website that would help your ranking on Google. Limit the link count to 1 every 100 words. This policy is to protect the value of links in an article within the distribution network.

Accepted links:

  • DoFollow
  • NoFollow
  • Business websites
  • Social media accounts
A DoFollow link in an article can point back to your site, strengthening its authority by showing search engines that authoritative news outlets and posts are linking to it.
Human Readable
Use only hyperlinks, a text that links to another resource. Remember that blind users cannot visually skim through lengthy links. They must listen to the entire text.